Wednesday, November 12, 2008

slim shady

i made a sunhat for eli!

i'm rather proud of it.. it involved hand sewing, and the outside has a cute little applique from the inner fabric..

it's even reversible!

well.. it was supposed to be reversible.. until i extremely carefully & diligently traced the band pattern on the fabric upside down.
oh well, no one will notice that unless i do something doubly stupid like pointing it out right? :-)



Viv said...

Well done on the hat, it looks great! What pattern did you use?

lazandrae said...

very cool!!! do you make girly pink ones? :D Man eli looks like Alexis in that top photo!


Gypsy said...

I won't tell! I love the hat though, its SO beautiful.

nova_j said...

viv it's a butterick one, has a little selection of hats.. NOT cheap tho! but if you're planning to make more than say 3 hats it probably evens out ;)

heh heh so yes razz, i *could* make pink girly ones, in fact i need to make lexi a new hat, but do take note of the bolded "hand sewing" bit.. me & hand sewing do not play nicely!

cheers gypsy.. but i'll be watching for you checking it out next time i see ya! ;)