Sunday, November 02, 2008

rainbow challenge!

how many colours can you find from your recent (and unblogged) projects?

i've got...
pink & orange - another window star

white & yellow - there would be red too, but, well.. the toddler got it first

blue - my new project board! the fabric is left over from our roman blinds

green - our 1m+ tall silverbeet monster, finally bolting! it has an apprentice down on the left though

green & brown - to-be-felted-crown V2 (work in progress), a sylvan theme with the lovely "green tea" wool i received from our yarn swap!

and for a big rainbow-
a train that lexi made from her beeswax block crayons!


sweetp said...


Thanks for the crayons, have been thinking about an extra little somethng for N for xmas..perfect.

Anne said...

lovely rainbow!..:)