Thursday, November 27, 2008

my yarn swap gift!

have a look at what arrived in the post!

isn't it gorgeous?!

and check out the amazing gift that came with it-
a wonderful knitting (and crafty) bag, made with very cool star & moon fabrics, with lots of handy pockets inside & drawstring closure in the top to stop stuff jumping out :-)
i took this pic with it stuffed full for our weekend away with my current knitting wip, a couple of balls of wool, my felting wips & needle punch, camera, pda, wallet, phone, box of knitting accessories & needles, and almost a kilo of fleece! it holds everything i need (and then some) perfectly!!

The theme was the history of knitting in the UK, with a great article about it and also a pattern for a "Monmouth cap" :-)

absolutely fantastic huh?!

thank you yarn fairy!!


Casper said...

That bag looks suspiciously like one I received in the same swap :D Isn't it awesome??? I love mine!

nova_j said...

ooo a clue! a clue! lol..

yeah i cart mine round everywhere! :D