Friday, October 17, 2008

the closest i'm going to get to a cockadoodledoo

on Ninny Noodle Noo..
i'm all for 'more the merrier',
why don't you enter too?

(yeah just for you pippa! ;-) )


Gypsy said...

Aren't they too cute ... I have such Ostheimer infatuation! Have you seen the little green rabbit hutch at playgroup - that's Ostheimer!

dottyspots said...

LOL! You do like rhymes ;0)

Best of luck!

nova_j said...

yeah i know i'm terribly corny!

lol you mean the one that seems to get used as a pig sty gypsy?! but yup very cute indeed :)

applepip said...

Ah, chooks are so sweet,
You'll have to get some,
Even though they don't tweet.

(Okay, three seconds rhyme thought, but I do appreciate the chicken post!)

nova_j said...

lol pippa, with local bylaws i would have to warp space/time to build their coop ;)