Monday, September 01, 2008

this could be the start of something good...

our terribly impressive onion & garlic patch...
i still have multiplying onions & some leeks to plant in there, just for some variety ;-)

and my brand new mini-greenhouse!
it was cheaper than two of those plastic propagator trays, so i thought it wasn't too bad.. and yesterday i sowed in them (just for my own records really!) -
cucumber - lebanese
pepper - purple beauty
coriander - indian summer
broccoli - italian precoe, de cicco
parsley - italian plain leaf
kale - lacinato
pea - goliath snow
cabbage - dalmatian
sunflower - yellow empress
lettuce - perella rougette montpelier, little gem, rough d'hiver, dark lollo rossa, half century, odell's
tomato - brandywine pink, san marzano, brown cherry, black from tula, principe borghese, yellow pear

and alexis planted two snow peas in a pot :-)


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nova_j said...

lol maybe for now.. if it still looks hopeful in a month or two then i'll be impressed!