Friday, August 15, 2008

in my own words..

gosh i'm a thief! *blush* gabes just did this on wordle, so i did too.. (you can click on this to see it bigger)
these are the most common words i've used on this blog.. weird huh?
i cannot think why the 1st equal most common one is 'machine'?! however 'well' probably has something to do with all my "oh well"s lol.. actually i'm not entirely sure it's correct.. surely i've used 'alexis' more than 'roving' yet roving is bigger?!
maybe best not to overthink this huh? just enjoy the pretty scramble :-)

edited to add real one ;-)

makes a bit more sense now lol! i removed our names tho..


sweetp said...

hehe its fun eh? Leah did one and my name came up too....I think because its from the feed so only the last few posts. I feel so loved hehe.

I love how 12ply is big. I will never look at CC 12ply without having a giggle now ;)

nova_j said...

lol yep! :p
and being the geek that i am i've tried it out with nearly all of the text from this blog now!

Jennynz said...

Nova - I tried to copy Gabes too but I can't figure out the codes - can you help?

nova_j said...

i'll try! i'm not that familiar with wordpress tho..

is there anything called "html editor" or similar in your post creator bit? if there is you can just copy & paste the whole lot in.. if not, you should be able to do it in two parts- copy the http after 'img src' into your blogs photo upload thing, if you can upload from a url, or into photobucket if you can't.. that'll give you the thumbnail image... and then use the http that is after 'a href' to create a link to the bigger image separately from the image.. like i did where i've written "click on this to see it bigger"

i hope that jumbled mess is any use!

kate5kiwis said...

love yours, these wordles are so revealing huh.
funny reading your destructions, i decided not to click the button that made it public. i ended up taking a screenphoto and saving the image as a photo after i'd cropped it. had to ask the luffly Bulldog for help, and let's just say that i have no idea how to do it again.
blah blah X