Thursday, July 03, 2008

alexis' art!

inspired by the new Steiner playgroup that we go to, alexis has taken a new interest in doing arty stuff! :-)

We've been doing quite a bit of painting recently, and when i saw some little canvases on special i thought it would be fun to let her loose on them!
this is the first completed one of the three, i really like it, especially how she has added the dots of pink over the 'arms' of blue.. the other two are still WIPs, but will hopefully add pics of them soon too..

and this is one her many drawings, this one was done at playgroup, using their beautiful beeswax block crayons (they are SO nice to use! ), can you guess what she has drawn in the top left corner?
it's a face! two swirly eyes, a little dot nose and a line for a mouth.. she was naming them as she drew them, so it's not just proud-delusional-mother-syndrome ;-)
(yes, i drew the blue apple in the bottom corner, by request..)

and thanks to this idea by Kleas i thought it would be fun to give her a go at felting!
this is her wee effort-

cute huh? and the zip-lock bag idea works nicely, and keeps all the mess contained!

unlike my effort, which was done sans ziplock bag, and resulted in a pile of soaking wet towels!
we were using autumn colours for the first of our four pieces for our (not yet established) seasonal nature table :-)

huge thanks to mrs Designer Bums for teaching me how to wet felt, with copious amounts of help from the lovely J13 & K9!


sweetp said...

Nice to see you blogging again, hope all is going well with wee man. I absolutely love the wet felting idea. Have bookmarked the great link. Isn't A a clever wee thing :)

Gypsy said...

What neat little felt bags - they'll get you making stuff for the advent fair you know ... but I won't tell!!!

nova_j said...

cheers! it's quite fun to do, and fairly mistake-proof, so perfect for toddlers ;)