Tuesday, May 06, 2008


been making wheatpacks for winter!
(and oh how i love my new overlocker! :-D)
i've got two more rainbow ones all sewn up, but all our local bulk stores are out of the barley that i use to fill them :-(
and they're another sew-from-stash victory too!


sweetp said...

oh my you are certainly a busy girl. when are you going to stop for a minute to have this baby ??!!

nova_j said...

lol it's not allowed out until i have finished its merino pants, sewn some winter pants for dss, some draught stoppers, a raincape for m2m, finished knitting your nb beanie, and done a whole bunch of cleaning! so maybe another month or two? ;)

Kat said...

They look great! What kind of material did you use for them? I need to make some as I'm getting a really sore back every night (and day lol) and I want some for when I'm in labour.

nova_j said...

thanks, they're dead simple! my ones are just a roughly 45x15cm sack of calico, divided into 3 sections with around 330g of pearl barley in each (so it doesn't all pour into one end), then a pillowslip style cover out of thin cotton stuff.. the purple one is a quilting fat quarter :)
hope that helps? they're going to be so handy for labour & for winter!

Kat said...

Thanks, I'll add them to my list of things to do before baby is born :)
Hot water bottles just don't mould to your body the way that wheat packs do! :)

knewbieknitter said...

Great - I've been wanting to make some and I have lots of pearl barley so now I have no excuse :D (I should really stop blog reading and turn the sewing machine on)