Wednesday, April 30, 2008

winter veges

Well my teeny tiny vege garden is doing well!
We've had torrential rain over the last week or so, so they've taken a bit of a battering, especially the lettuces, but everything is still growing really strongly :-)

The mat of lupins is filling in well, i've also sown a heap alllll round the front of the section, but the ones in the pic are destined to be dug under before too long, to make way for garlic & shallots! I've even been a good permaculture-y type & bought some Heartease seedlings to plant as companions to the garlic etc ;-)

An interesting addition is going to be the fertiliser distribution system that paul is creating for a Uni technology project! It is going to be made almost entirely from scavenged materials, and will rely on hydrostatic pressure to distribute the liquid... It will mean that i can just pour the right dose of bokashi liquid/vermiliquid/compost tea into the top, fill it with water, then turn on the taps & have it all spread along my vege patch! He's also had to put a tap into one of our Bokashi buckets, so that will make it *heaps* easier to take out small doses (it's 2ml/sqm!) than having to deal with 1L all at once! :-D

But i'll add pictures of that when it's done too!

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