Monday, March 10, 2008

more fun from the dyepot!

i managed to snaffle some white bamboo yarn at a recent sale! it was around 80% off, so i could hardly say no ;-)

and so a few nights ago i thoroughly messed up the bathroom in order to create these-
Purple mix - Grape, Ultra Violet, Navy & Baby Blue
Blue mix - Navy, Baby Blue & Turquoise
Being a plant fibre i dyed them using Procion dyes, as opposed to the koolaid/food colouring dyes i use for wool yarns :-)

They're SO soft & shiny, i'm really pleased with them.. i just have no idea what to use them for!


neak said...

WOW that bamboo came out awesome Nova!!!!

you could make one of these :D

Jennynz said...

Oh those colours are GORGEOUS! drool!