Thursday, January 24, 2008

more garden stuff..

Well the vege garden is still plodding along.. it's doing a bit better since we dosed it with vermiliquid (worm tea) & bokashi bucket liquid :-)
The tomatoes are a bit happier and the cucumber has had a recent burst of growth, and has quite a few flowers on it now... and we're finally getting some little tomatoes, these ones are almost the size of an egg! ok, a small egg..

The baby lettuces are doing nicely, a few of them really took off with the past few days of rain.. and in amongst the lettuces i spotted this 'weed'...
it's a tomato seedling! i don't know how it got there, or why it has suddenly sprung up, but it is fairly typical that i am struggling to get any tomatoes to grow & then one pops up wild!

Paul ate the first borlotti fire tongue bean yesterday, and alexis had a long yellow roquefort one too :-) so all that is left is this young borlotti to take a pic of.. but they have really spectacular looking pods! And alexis has been munching on baby snow peas too occasionally..

The wild pumpkin(?) is even bigger now, and has just thrown up a heap of gorgeous yellow flowers..
And I ran out of patience this morning and dug up the potatoes! well, as much of it as i could, digging is not *exactly* my forte, but i think i got them 'all'... not hugely impressed since this is from 5 plants, but considering that a) we ate almost this many already as new potatoes, b) they were growing on pretty terrible soil, c) they were pretty cramped, and d) they weren't very well looked after, i don't think it's too bad at all!
The ones we've eaten so far have proved to be much yummier than bought ones, so that in itself makes it worthwhile!

Now i just have to get organised to plant out more peas, some spinach, my broccoli & kale, and a whole *heaaap* of lupins! lol... also have to sow a few herbs in my herb troughs, but one of them is going to become my carrot trough! Our soil is far too heavy for carrots it seems, but a nice deep trough of light, loose potting mix might just work! :-)

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