Friday, January 11, 2008

I can't believe it's not garlic!

because it certainly should be! hmph.
i planted 44 cloves of garlic, and ended up with.. 43 slightly plumper cloves of garlic, which i don't think are any good for anything. *sigh*

however the shallots were slightly more successful *phew* it's just a shame that i only planted two to begin with! I think i'll do quite a few more this winter, since they did actually seem to work for me :-) (and yes, this is a great development in exterior home decorating, don't you think?)
i have one lonely bean that i spotted a couple of days was a complete surprise because i thought that plant had died off a while ago (it's slightly hidden by the plants creeping through the fence) until i spotted the bean hanging off it, which is as long as the plant itself! ie. normal bean pod length lol

i have a few tiny weeny snow pea pods that have just popped up too...

and the first couple of tomatoes on my very sad looking plants!i was thinking i might not get any tomatoes at all this year, but i guess this shows there is always hope!

And my one silverbeet is doing us proud & has already provided yummy leaves for one of our dinners :-)

One of my potatoes has just started to flower now too, so it won't be long until we can dig them all up & see what we've got! Or discover that we've eaten them all as new potatoes of course! ;-) must plant more potatoes next time too!


sarah bean said...

wow, well done you!
love your post title ;)

JL said...

love your garden. My little girl, me too, never seen a potato flower b4. Tks for sharing.