Tuesday, January 01, 2008

first taters!!

On a whim i decided to have a rummage around at the base of my (lol 5) potato plants... just cos the inlaws were amazed that mine hadn't died back, or even flowered yet... and found....
potatoes!! :-D

i spotted a few more (i only looked under one plant) but decided to leave them for now (they might get bigger?) but as it is a have a wee stash of decent size, gorgeous golden Agria taters!! they even came out of the ground like that (ie almost clean), cos i've used pea straw to mound them :-)

but when i spotted the first one it was all by itself, much bigger than i was expecting (i wasn't expecting to find anything quite honestly) and so clean, that i actually wondered for a minute whether paul had stashed it there sneakily to make me feel better!

alexis was suitably impressed too.... until she tried eating one.. ;-)

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