Sunday, December 16, 2007

xmas time!

I've been xmassing up the house! (if that even counts as a word!)

First, the xmas stockings i made for the kids :-D one for alexis, kadyn & one for the new bub too! They're made of red felt, with some red shiny see-through stuff that had glittery holly on it (see i know all the technical jargon for this sewing escapade huh?) & silver star buttons to decorate them :-)

Secondly, our tree! Ok, so i haven't put the lights on yet, but i'm getting there... the box at the bottom is our stash of xmas books :-D

Our dining table, complete with off-centrepiece (very proud of that wee flash of inspiration, sad to say)

Some wee sparkly bits to make our tv unit a bit more festive - little presents, and glittery snowball candles

And some little fuzzy friends!

Ok, so no-one here is suggesting that xmas is the height of fashion, but the kids seem to appreciate all of this! ;-)

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