Saturday, May 26, 2007

Recent stuff

Last night i whipped up these little pants for my mid-winter secret santa present! :-D they are lovely chunky cord, with a cotton print trim & an adjustable waist... i'm going to decorate a t-shirt to match & knit up a little hat too hopefully... i hope the recipient likes them!

My first pair of socks!! using wool i had dyed, that didn't come out as expected & i didn't know what else to do with it.. heh heh.... they are the knitty universal toe-up sock pattern with short row toe & heel...
Yes, they are very different, but that was kind of on purpose.. i knitted the right one first, but it is slightly baggy around the ball of my foot & the ankle, so when i did the second i cast on two less stitches. but i forgot that when you join up the toe that would mean that there are 4 less stitches in total! *sigh* so it fits really nicely at the ball of the foot, but is slightly too tight at the top of the foot.. plus because the wool had been hand wound, the ball i used for the second sock was stretched slightly more than the first, so the wool is skinner.. which means if you make the rows the same like i did, you end up with a shorter sock! *sigh* but they are comfy & warm & i like the idiosyncrasies.. oh well, i have learnt plenty for next time! :-D

Our stroller didn't have any storage on it, so i made this basic bag that snaps on to the back & can fold up with the stroller.. its just the right size for holding alexis' raincape, our abc, and a little something else like a drink :-)

Finally made a little bag for storing our abc! Really basic, just a snap-down flap, and a strap that snaps into a loop so that you can attach it to things if necessary... perfect for keeping all the straps contained!!

The world's brightest inserts! made using the pink & purple bamboo fleece i dyed, plus plain bamboo & microfibre... there are 4 pink/purple ones and 3 purple/un-dyed ones :-)

A big drawstring wetbag, to hold a second days nappies. made from PU Nylon & bonded fleece... made a miscalculation, so the sewing looks atrocious, and it doesn't close easily.. oh well, it works regardless! lol

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