Monday, March 19, 2007

Real Nappy Week DIY Display

This is the DIY Pocket Nappy display i put together for our Real Nappy Week expo... I had to make nappies to various stages of completion, and write out detailed instructions for each step :-) the side-snap nappies are going to become part of alexis' stash, i had to do them anyway, so it killed two birds with one stone! :-D

Step One - Applying the first set of snaps or velcro to the PUL


Step Two - Sewing in the back elastic

Step Three - Sewing the PUL & stay-dry layer together

Step Four - Sewing on the leg elastic, and tummy elastic on side-snaps

Step Five - Turning right way out, and applying velcro or snaps to the wings

Step Six - The finished nappy!

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