Friday, March 30, 2007

My Productive Week

Monday morning - Cast on the first front panel of my Tigger Cardi.. knitted..

Tuesday evening - Knit... Cut out & sewed three taggie blankies, satin on one side & printed microfleece on the other, with ribbon tags sewn round the edges. Sooo snuggly... Cut out fabric for alexis' raincape....

Wednesday - Sewed Alexis' raincape, just need to add snaps..

Wednesday evening - Finished first front panel of tigger cardi (fastest knitting ever).. Cast on second panel...

Thursday - Added snaps to alexis' raincape, all finished.

It is nylon outer, with printed microfleece inner, for extra waterproofing and snuggliness..

It has a zip closure (my first try at sewing zips & it came out great) with a waterproof flap that snaps down over the top to stop rain coming through the zip

I added snaps at the 'wrists' and half-way up the arms, so that the sleeves can be shortened while alexis is still so little.. the sleeves fold under so they don't catch rain

As you can see it has plenty of growing room, especially if i sew some matching pants when she is older....

The hood is elasticated at the top, to help it stay on, but without the trouble (and danger with babies) of a drawstring :-)

It rolls up pretty small, but i'm going to sew a little cram-sack for keeping it in, like a sleeping bag

Friday - knit

Saturday - Whipped up a two layer bamboo fleece flat to trial.. highly exciting i know... but it is sooo soft & i'm hoping it will prove very absorbent....

also made up a bamboo fleece bib, backed with polar fleece, for a friends newborn baby who has reflux.. can't have too many bibs with reflux babies, and the fleece is just perfect, as it is so snuggly & gentle....

Sunday evening - finished the second front panel of my tigger cardi, i can't believe i managed to get them done in less than a week (just lol)

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