Monday, March 19, 2007

Finished RNW nappies

In one evening i managed to transform my real nappy week display into these-
Not a good pic, but sheep print PUL with black microfleece & black snaps

Rose PUL with black fleece & snaps

Pale blue star print PUL with baby blue fleece & snaps

Peach PUL with white fleece & snaps

Ok, so i had this one finished for RNW, but its a small front-tabbed pocket, my own pattern, with seaspray PUL, white fleece and white velcro, with cross-over tabs.. its pretty cute :-D

This is the other one i had finished for RNW, but i had to post a better pic of it.. The PUL has silver glitter all through it too! The PUL, blue fleece & yellow snaps were part of my secret santa pressie :-)

And i managed to whip this one up this morning! Grape PUL, black fleece & baby pink snaps!

I don't think i've ever managed to sew so many nappies on such a short space of time! :-D

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