Sunday, February 04, 2007

Photo Blocks

I nearly forgot! I can finally post a pic of these-
These are the photo blocks that I made for my dad & yvonne for xmas! These ones are pics of alexis at 2, 7 & 11 months old respectively.. I made a similar set for paul's parents with a photo of each of pauls 3 kids..
They are made using little square stretched canvas block from a hardware store, with an enlarged matte photo wrapped around the canvas, similar to wrapping a present.. these ones are 6x6x1.5" canvases, with a 10x8" print.. there is a little bit of bare canvas that is left (the next size up print jumps in price quite spectacularly! grr..), so i got paul to paint them in similar colours, so that it didn't look bare.
By wrapping the photos round the side, you get a nice 3D effect, and the matte prints don't reflect, so they look nice from all angles.. and they are vastly cheaper than getting the photos printed onto a canvas!

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