Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i have been busy.. honest!

but i keep forgetting to take photos!! doh!

Anyhoo, I can finally post photos of my secret santa pressies that i made! First up is this little hooded bath cape for my santee's toddler.. it's made out of towelling, bound with fold-over-elastic (with stars on it!) and baby blue snaps for closure & under the arms, and with Bob the Builder appliques sewn on :-D

I made another one of these as the xmas present for the son of one of our friends, which was purple with white FOE, a plane on the chest & his initial on the back, and purple snaps. For the same friends two daughters, i made wet bags for their swimming gear, using pink & purple print polar fleece on the inside, and white PU Nylon on the outside, which i decorated with some cool pink & purple appliques as well, plus they have a baby on the way, so i made the bubba a little hooded towel (i still use ours for alexis, they are great) out of butter yellow towelling, bound with white FOE & a wee dolphin applique on the hood, plus a matching bath mit :-) but of course i forgot to take photos of all of them...

As another part of my secret santa pressie, i made these two tiny newborn nappies.. they are pockets, with navy bonded fleece outer, and baby blue microfleece inner, with matching baby blue snaps.. My santee works with an organisation that helps new mums & pregnant women who are in difficult situations, and they are trying to build up a stash of cloth nappies that the bubs can use while they are there, thus enabling their mums to save up a bit of cash! So i thought i would make a couple of nappies to add to that...

Apart from that... you know the pic of the pile of truffles on the dinner plate below? that was 3 batches of truffles... well a week later, to add to our xmas presents for pauls family, i made 7 batches of truffles!! thats a LOT of truffles! lol.. I also made a pressie for pauls parents, but won't post a pic a) because i forgot to take one, and b) because i'm giving my dad a similar thing ;-) hmmm... anything else? ah yes, i'm in the process of sewing one sleeve onto the cardi i've been knitting! i haven't even knitted the 2nd sleeve yet, but had to check that it was going to work at all, since i got the gauge all wrong *sigh* but it looks like it should be ok.. here's hoping!!

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