Saturday, October 07, 2006

Year so far - first go at clothing!

I figured since i had forked out for a new sewing machine that i should have a go at sewing some clothes for alexis! So i bought a couple of very cute patterns, this one is for a little dress & pants... the fabric i used for the dress was on a $3/m table (good value!) and i thought it would be good for my first attempt, but i really like it now, it'll be perfect for summer! I made it 12 month size, so it's still too big, but i can't wait til it fits!

and these are the little pants that were in the pattern too.. the denim was on special too (woohoo!) with the daisies embroidered on it already.. these are also 12m size, but i had bought enough of this fabric (couldn't resist!) to be able to make another little dress & a pair of 9m size pants, which fit her nicely, though i didn't do the ruffle because it was a pain.. they are my favourite pants now!

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